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Desert Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Desert Places

There is a link between fear and solitude. It seems that there are only a few people in the world who can stand being alone for long periods of time. Solitude, isolation, loneliness there is much to fear for there is no one to talk to and no one that can help a person trapped in a deserted place. The person in the middle of a dry valley or in a wilderness feels vulnerable and there is no one there to comfort him. Robert Frost in one of his classic poems was able to express what it is to be physically stranded and isolated in a place lacking human contact while at the same time informing that the barrenness he…

Lion of the Desert

The 1981 film, The Lion of the Desert starring Anthony Quinn and Oliver Reed is based on the true to life story of Omar Mukhtar (1862-1931), a Libyan Arab rebel who led his people in resisting the colonial rule of Italy in Libya for over 20 years. In 1911, Italy colonized Libya and made it part of their empire. Mukhtar (played by Quinn) was a teacher of Koran in his village. Once the Italians invaded and conquered their land, he led his village in revolt against the Italians. He could not accept the conditions imposed on them, particularly to him since they had difficulty defeating him. He said to them, “we will stay with you till your end. ” (Akkad)…

Biome is a large ecosystem

A biome is a large ecosystem where plants, animals, insects, and people live in a certain type of climate. Therefore, desert where the plants are short and the animals are small because of a lack of water. There is one-fifth of the earth land’s surface is desert. Deserts can be found on every continent except Europe. The desert biome can be separated into four kinds and they are cold, hot and dry, coastal and semiarid. The cold deserts that are located in Greenland, Antarctic and the Nearctic ecozone. These deserts are characterized by cold winters with snowfall and high overall temperatures throughout the winter, and sometimes in the summer too. In the hot and dry desert, the seasons are generally…