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Descriptive Speech Essay

Well i choose to save one of the most important things to me as a tattoo. As you may now i have a huge passion for dancing and i love to have this passion in me forever. I have a tattoo of a music note that represents dancing because music is very essential to dance. I choose this topic because i like to share with you my own method of remembering moments forever and because this tattoo is very unique.

Body: The tattoo i am talking about is my second tattoo, localized in my left foot very near to my ankle. It has the size of a quater, so it can be consider small. The tattoo is the musical note “sol” and has two loops: the superior one which is thinner than the second loop that is below. I choose the musical note “sol” because dance is the light that brightens my days just like the sun give us light everyday. Inside the lower loop, which is the thick one, it has a black small outlined heart.This heart has the size of a tictac and represents my love and passion to music and to dance. Below the second loop with the heart there is the continuation of the musical note which is a black small and round curve that forms a filled black circle. Now i will show you a picture of my actual tattoo. (Picture of the tattoo)

Conclusion: Well like i said, my tattoo is the musical note sol, that has two loops one thin and the other one thick. Also it has a heart inside the thick loop and is all black. I did this tattoo represents my love and passion to dance. I would like to finish reading you this great quotes.

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