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Describe The theme of oppression Essay

The theme of oppression is examined when comparing the literary devices in the poem “As I Grew Older” by Langston Hughes and the story “The Loophole Of Retreat” by Harriet A. Jacobs. It is through the use of personification and symbolism that the theme is reflected. The oppression is in just use of authority or power.

In the poem “As I Grew Older” by Langston Hughes describes about a black girl that had a dream, but this dream was slowly disappearing from her. She didn’t have enough freedom and she always wants it to through. The author in the poem is hiding from oppression by hiding in the attic. Also Hughes uses some literary devices such as symbolism and personification.

By saying the words the “wall rose” Langston Hughes showing personification because the wall can’t grow. Then in the second paragraph the “wall” is represent symbolism. It is symbolizes her dream with a wall because this wall is blocking her happiness and future.

In the story “Loophole Of Retreat” by Harriet A. Jacobs shows the oppression as darkness. He lived in the small garret that he called it as “den”. It was very dark didn’t have enough air in it and was not for a cold weather. A. Jacobs uses some conflict in the story by saying the words “I suffered for air even more than for light. It shows us that he wanted to have more freedom and not to depend on anybody.

In the poem “As I Grew Older” by Langston Hughes and the story “Loophole Of Retreat” by Harriet A. Jacobs use the same theme and the both have oppression. The authors both deal with oppression by breaking through it. Also the both poem and the story have the same ideas and feelings about their problems.

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