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Dependency Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Technology addiction

Many have become overwhelmed in technology and are very dependent on the fact that our world is wrapped around the use of technology. Technology is developing faster than we can adapt. Technology has become more sophisticated like cell phones and vehicles, they have smart phones that can set your alarm in your house, and start your car or even control any home appliances. The world has now invented smart cars that are energy efficient and that can drive themselves. Technology has many Report revealing that 65% of U. S. consumers are spending more time with their computers than with their significant others. If there was any doubt that computers and technology are taking over the lives of Americans, it was…

“A Dolls House” by Henrik Ibsen

After reading “A Dolls House” by Henrik Ibsen, I felt that I had a better grasp of the relationship between men and women in the Victorian era. The man was all- powerful in this time; women were well in the background, subservient and dependent on men in all areas of her life. It was surprising to me that women were not allowed to sign legal documents, such a personal loan without a man’s signature. Total dependency had to be a tough pill to swallow for strong willed women. I am sure that many clever and cunning women were able to manipulate the men in their lives, letting the man believe that they were in full control of the relationship. However…

How Important is Money

Money plays a huge role in most people’s lives, as many of the decisions we make are solely based on their economical connotations. Money can determine what class system you are in, what sort of lifestyle you lead and how often you go abroad. However, money affects some people’s lives in different ways than others. My entire lifestyle is debatably controlled by the amount of money my family has. If my parents had less money, I would not have the privilege of going to a private school, nor have the opportunity to travel as frequently, or perhaps be able to afford the technology I possess. As I have little money of my own, I am completely dependent on my parents’…