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Deontology and Utilitarianism Essay

There are two types of Deontology the first one is, one should act based on duty, and the second one is action should be based on the right intention and nothing else. Utilitarianism is when you have to think about the majority of the people no matter what the consequences is. It is based on maximizing happiness for everyone involved. I would favor Deontology because I think you should do your duty and only do what is right. If you have the right intention you can accomplish anything. If you murder someone I think it’s wrong no matter whom you did it for or why you did it.

There are many reasons I disagreed with utilitarianism for example if a hospital had four patients who are dying with the same disease and there is a healthy patient that can help all four dying patients utilitarianism will kill the healthy patient to do justice to the majority of the people. I think that’s wrong because by killing one healthy patient you do not know what the survival rate is for the four sick patients. The reason I chose deontology is because I believe in doing the right thing based on the duties. No matter how close you are to a person you should always turn them in if they are wrong. If they are stealing form someone right then you should know how she/he is because if they are stilling from someone else then how do you know they will not steal from you. I think if I have the right intention I could not go wrong with anything.

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