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Denim Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Subculture: Greasers

Greasers originated in the early 1950’s increasingly popular toward the 1960’s. They originated in the young northeaster and southern united states street gangs and changed rapidly unto other type of individuals. Initially it arose from working class families that didn’t have access to the greatest educational resources. They existed before gangs were dependent on violence and drugs. The greasers of the 1950s took their name from the “Greaser Act” which was a law created in California against Mexicans to protect Californians from Mexicans who were unarmed, but not peaceful or quiet people. The name “Greaser” was given to the Mexicans that greased carts, in the mid-1800s; this job was one of the worst jobs that anyone could have, which made…

Marketing Project (Jeans)

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Paige Premium Denim is one of the world’s leading denim brands with its signature “perfect fit” and unmatched variety of styles that flatter the body. Paige Premium Denim was founded in 2004 by fit model Paige Adams-Geller on the principle that you don’t have to be a size zero to look great and feel great in a pair of designer jeans. Committed to using the highest quality materials, the denim line infuses considered, unexpected details into each and every design, combines Southern California casual with pure sophistication. Since the fit model known for having “the best butt in the business”, soon became known as the designer who makes “the best butt jeans” in the…

The Bog Boy

By: Richmond Riggs World History – Mr. Place – 2A The Bog Boy In 7012 a body was found in the muck on the shores of Silver Lake. He had a limited amount of identifiable items on him. He had a black backpack filled to the brim with papers and binders and hundreds of pages of text bound together into a book-like thing. He had a wallet filled with more papers. “Gosh! people 5,000 years ago really liked paper,” I thought to myself. Another object in his wallet was a piece of plastic that had a picture of him on it. It said his name was Brandon Stelmer, and that he went to Fenton High School, he was in the…