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Demolition Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The secrets of Rizal’s Family

The documentary focuses on the secrets behind the house/mansion that belong to the family of Teodora Alonzo and its demolition in BiƱan, Laguna. It has three different interesting topics; the quarrel between Teodora Formoso against his husband Jose Maria Alonzo and Teodora Alonzo, the legitimacy of Teodora Alonzo as a child, and the controversial demolition of the mansion. To spoil it out, the documentary started with the questionable family tree that Jose Rizal made. It is interestingly noticeable that the branches leading to his mother side, Teodora Alonzo was left unwritten. From this very reason, our thoughts may be saying that Rizal is hiding something about his family. This is also my thinking when I saw the family three, but…