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Delivery Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Applying Educational Technology Delivery Options

It has been essential to create active media wherein students can actively apply concepts and theories learned in class. These ideas provide opportunities for every educator to gauge each ones capability and bring out specific skills that can make them competent in the subject matter. Since the concept of facilitation involves the incorporation of interactive technology in areas of healthcare technology, it is essential to elaborate and point out types of media that can be included in the application of course design. Classroom Message Boards One relevant method that can be used in the facilitation of understanding ethical issues in healthcare technology is the use of message boards. Under this process, students are expected to use the Internet via virtual…

Identify how you would beta test a multimedia project for delivery

Beta testing is a test for a computer product prior to commercial release may it be an application software, an operating system or a multimedia product. It is a stage where in the product is put into a larger community after a rigorous in house test. To some, it is also a way of knowing how well the community responds to the product. Beta testing is the last stage of testing, the last possibility to correct errors that would render a product priceless to customers. And because of this, beta testing of multimedia products is in essence a difficult task. PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to present a strategy to beta test a multimedia product. It presents possible…

McDonald’s and Crespiano’s Restaurants

McDonald’s and KFC’s are two famous restaurants in Doha city. But even though they both serve delicious chicken meals in the same town, they don’t have anything else in common. They have differences in aspects of service speed, meals’ prices, and types of customers. McDonald’s serves meals at high speed as the staff who work there use computers in taking orders, radio headsets to communicate, and automatic timers to help with cooking. Unlikely, Crespiano’s is not as quick as McDonald’s because Crespiano’s staff number is less than McDonald’s. In addition, Crespiano’s system in taking orders is a manual system, no computers used, there is only one person who works as a cashier and takes orders in handwriting. In terms of…