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Delivering Lily Essay

The author wrote his story in first person perspective. He started the story by his wonders how delivering a baby might be like. Phillip Lopate was definitely nervous but he knew he would try his best to support his wife. Throughout the story it stays imagery. You can almost feel their emotions and see the scenery. He also uses some dialogue going back and forth with his wife. It first takes place at their home waiting to make sure Cheryl’s contractions were occurring regularly. It almost seemed Phillip was more nervous than Cheryl. Once they arrived to the hospital they got assigned an empty room, “it was not cozy, it was not charming, it was not tiny, it was not big, it was not even decrepit, it had nothing for the eye to fasten on.” (Lopate 423) Cheryl and Phillip were both disappointed by the room.

There were couple words I did have to look up for the meaning, but overall the sentence structures were simple to read. His description made it easy to feel you were actually in part of the story. Also when he described the nurses, it almost felt you knew their personality and what they look like. Phillip goes back and forth by what was happening at that time and his thoughts, I could almost feel I was in his perspective. I cannot relate to this story, but I can understand some situation he mentioned from watching movies and reading books.

Many emotions were felt through this special time of Philip Lopate: anxious, nervous, impatient, joyous, blissful, cheerful, loving, and relieved the most noticeable. Phillip is a proud man, proud of his wife and proud of becoming Lily’s father. He wants to record every part of Lily’s life and is planning to write longer on her first year. On the last page, he mentions he will do anything to keep his writing piece alive. He definitely did succeed keeping Delivering Lily alive. Even though I was not able to relate, I am sure everyone who has delivered their baby could have related to this writing piece, but I did feel like I was there with him knowing every detail he was thinking. This story had used all the punctuation structures mentioned in Hieroglyphics from our homework assignment. It was interesting seeing other ways of using a semicolon and the dashes. Overall, the story was full of anxious and loving events on delivering Lily. Both happy parents are ready for their journey with their loving child Lily.

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