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Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers Essay


Unit 328 – Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers – Knowledge Questions
1. Understand the meaning of internal customer
1.1Describe what is meant by internal customer
Internal customers are people within your own organisation such as employers or colleagues who you provide a service for, e.g.

2. Know the types of products and services relevant to internal customers 2.1 Describe the products and services offered by own organisation to internal customers

3. Understand how to deliver customer service that meets or exceeds internal customer expectations 3.1 Explain the purpose and value of identifying internal customer needs and expectations

3.2 Explain why customer service must meet or exceed internal customer expectations

3.3 Explain the value of meeting or exceeding internal customers expectations

3.4 Explain the purpose and value of building positive working relationships

4. Understand the purpose of quality standards and timescales for delivering customer service 4.1 Identify quality standards for own organisation and work

4.2 Explain the value of agreeing quality standards and timescales

4.3 Explain how to set and meet quality standards and timescales with internal customers

5. Understand how to deal with internal customer service problems 5.1 Describe the types of problems that internal customers may have

5.2 Explain ways of dealing with problems

5.3 Explain the purpose and value of a complaints procedure, if applicable

6. Understand how to monitor and evaluate internal customer service and the benefits of this 6.1 Explain the purpose and benefits of monitoring internal customer satisfaction and how to do so

6.2 Describe techniques for collecting and evaluating customer feedback

6.3 explain the benefits of continuous improvement

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