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Definitions Essay Topics & Paper Examples


Society plays a role in prescribe appropriate and inappropriate behavior. How a man and a woman are supposed to dress are unwritten codes of behavior that most people tend to follow. Cross-dressers represent a group that is defiant of established norms as they opt to dress in ways contrary to their gender assignment. Further controversy surrounds the issue of cross-dressing particularly because there is little consensus on its definition. There is also debate on the distinction, if any, that exists between transvestism and other similar behaviors performed by men. There are similarities in some of the behaviors performed by these separate groups and there are also similarities. Research has yet to determine the causes of cross-dressing linking it to home,…

Codes of practice and guidance Status

Definitions – equality, equality of opportunity, diversity, different types of discrimination (direct, indirect etc); equality legislation (UK, EU, the international picture); human rights legislation; coverage of legislation: employees, customers, stakeholders; industry requirements eg. public sector; conflicts eg. between law and religious or cultural beliefs Codes of practice and guidance Status of guidance and codes of practice ie. voluntary, required; industry standards or requirements eg. public sector requirements Benefits Benefits of equality and diversity in workforce, benefits of equality and diversity in stakeholder/customer base Needs Needs and expectations of those inside the organisation, needs and expectations of those outside the organisation; fairness and justice, impact of prejudice and discrimination on groups and individuals 2. Understand the dynamics of leading and managing…