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DEET Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Citrus Peels as Insect Repellent

Introduction The researchers wanted to make citrus peels as a main ingredient for insect repellent because we can also get the fruit in our own tree or backyard and get only the peel. The lemon peel contains Vitamin C and citric acid which are also good for our skin. While an orange peel also contains Vitamin C. These peels can ward off mosquitoes. It’s said that mosquitoes are totally repulsed by either scent. The essential oils that can be extracted from lemon and orange peel are the one that makes the mosquitoes fly away. Lemon and orange is basically known as a fruit that we can eat. We can also make other product with its citric acid and their peel…

Science Investigatory Project

DOES A LEMON GRASS EXTRACT PREVENT A MOSQUITO BITES? I. ABSTRACT: We the researcher conduct this study due to economic crisis now a days. Its aim to create a product of insect repellent which is cheaper and could give the same quality which the commercial one could give through lemon grass. Insect repellent are important tools for prevention of insect borne – diseases as well as painful or uncomfortable insect bites. And one natural insect repellent is the lemon grass (Cymbopogon Citratus). Determining the effectiveness of lemon grass as insect repellent is the main goal of the study. Specifically, it intends to apply the Steam Distillation Technique in obtaining the natural elements and essential oil of lemon grass such as…