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Dedication to the public Essay

Everything that a man wishes to happen in life comes at the right time and with a great purpose. I believe that all of my life’s experience had brought me to a point where I felt much dedication to the public. Giving more than what is expected of me is my aim each time that I serve people the best way that I can. My personal and professional experience made me realize the value of dedication and responsibility in aiding those who are in need.

I work as an after school tutor for students who exper5inece difficulties in coping up with lessons in school. I give my best shot each session that I render lessons with them. I ensure that they learn the subject and practice more of it for tomorrow’s lesson. My passion for teaching is really intense because I want the nest for my students. In addition o this I have worked as a basketball coach and made my team win the league. It is not only through academe that one can bring pride and glory.

Though sports the body is boosted up as well as the mind and the way players socialize among each other. Coaching is another side of my personality that made me more devoted in service the public. There are means and ways to end up the day with a smile on your face. I for one can attest that through the things that I did, I was able to demonstrate what I really want in life. To contribute to the development of other people and lead them towards success.

I have a never say die attitude so I make it sure that I completed the tasks given to me. I am a very optimistic person and consider life’s struggles as blessings which make a person stronger than before and better than others. I am more than committed to the task bestowed to me especially if it can contribute to the benefit of the many. Success is best achieved not only by individual means but by how it can contribute to the befit of all. It is best achieved through public service. It entails passion, sacrifice and responsibility.

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