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Deconstruction Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Discourse: Ellen Lupton’s Deconstructivist Theory

Key concepts from Ellen Lupton’s A Post-Mortem on Deconstruction? * Deconstruction is part of a broader field of criticism known as “post-structuralism,” whose theorist have included Jacques Derrida, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Jean Baudrillard, among others. Each of these writers has looked at modes of representation – from alphabetic writing to photojournalism – as culturally powerful technologies that transform and construct “reality”. The phrase “deconstruction” quickly became a cliche in design journalism, where it usually has described a style featuring fragmented shapes, extreme angles, and aggressively asymmetrical arrangements. This collection of formal devices was easily transferred from architecture to graphic design, where it named existing tendencies and catalyzed new ones. The labels “deconstructivism,” “deconstructionism,” and just plain “decon” have served…

Narrative Therapy

The Narrative Process Coding System illustrates the use of constructivist methods to assess THE TOPICAL and THEMATIC SHIFTS that characterize client accounts of their experience (Angus, Levitt & Hardke, 1999). 1. SYSTEM TOPIC SEGMENTS – Use the dialogue of a transcribed therapy session break it into topic units that are identified through shifts in protagonists and themes. A client may begin a session by discussing a recent trip to Florida and then shift to an examination of disappointing family vacations in childhood. The identification of such topic segments can allow therapists to consider how themes are maintained or changed through discussion and how the interpersonal psychotherapeutic process can act to facilitate narrative development. 2. CODE these topic segments into one…