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Decolonization Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Dutch Decolonization of Indonesia

Indonesia is a country in south East Asia that consists of more than 13,600 islands. The islands lie along the equator, and extend more than 5,000 kilometers. Indonesia was founded on August 17, 1945 under the name, the Republic of Indonesia and before 1945 it was ruled by the Dutch. But even a half a million years before the Dutch even set foot in Indonesia soil prehistoric humans began to settle the land. Not until sixty thousand years ago though were there fully developed human settlements there. Then in 1511 the Dutch started to rule Indonesia (then Java) because it had some of the best coffee beans and spices in the known world. They ended up taking seventy-five percent of…

The role, purpose and responsibilities of a chosen uniformed public service army

Having respect for one another in the army is an advantage as it boosts thoughtfulness, demands decency, and recognizes the value of everyone Respect is the root source for people living in harmony and being consideration toward others. Respecting one another shows that you have put aside your differences such as race, color, sexuality and religion. Respect is earned and isn’t given. In order to gain someone respect you must show them a positive character. Being able to be loyalty is a main attribute as in the battle field you will need to have each other’s back. For example if one of your men has injured them self you will need to make him priority and stop fighting and put…