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Decisions Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Field And Historical Reseacrch: Individual Reflection

There reaches a stage in the life of an individual whereby choices and decisions concerning what must be done are decided and it is usually not an easy task. The answer is only achieved through an in-depth look within themselves. Reflection of the most important values and what they perceive will make them happy as well enabling them to achieve self actualization are also decided. The available resources that are required to fulfill their goals and ambitions must be put into consideration. In this paper, I am going to reflect the processes that Blackburn undergone through learning, the perceptions that she got towards other people, how she shaped her personality to fit the research environment, the values that she attached…

Bias Towards Fathers in Children Custody Decisions

Deciding over children custody has always been a divisive, if not an emotionally laden issue. In most cases however, it is not surprising to see that most court decisions tend to award custody disputes in favor of mothers. At first glance, it may seem that court judges see mothers as naturally better parents. And there are not without good reasons to think why this is so. Mothers, by right of mere logic, are the ones who bring children into the world, and are therefore responsible for carrying and birthing them; so it immediately seems that they will naturally do more for children throughout their lives in order to help and care for them, inasmuch as they have already done much…