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Death Penalty Should Be Abolished Essay

The death penalty is a cruel and uncivilized way of keeping crime down to a minimum, by killing anyone who commits a horrible crime such as murder. The most common way of being killed while on death penalty is lethal injection. The death penalty does not change murderers minds whether they should kill someone or not. If people have a mental illness and are psychopaths and enjoy killing i’m sure they never think to themselves and say if I do kill someone then I will go to jail and then be killed. They go through with the murder because that’s what they intended to do from the start. Also in Europe there is no death penalty and research shows that the murder rate is drastically lower than the USA. This shows that the death penalty does not scare murderers out of doing what they want to do.

The death penalty is not the best protection form a murderer. It may be the best protection from a specific murderer if he is going to be killed with death penalty because he will not live anymore and so he wouldn’t be alive to kill you. But if you are trying to protect yourself from being murdered the death penalty will not help you at all. It would be like telling someone, while they are in the middle of murdering you, that they shouldn’t do it because once the police find out they’re going to have the death penalty! The murderer would not stop at nothing if his mission was to kill you.

Justice for the victim is not achieved through the death penalty. Justice is not achieved because if a man murdered a the son of a husband and wife, and the son was killed, the son is already dead. Just because the murderer is sentenced to the death penalty doesn’t mean that their son will magically come back to life and be the same person he was. He is dead and the murder of the murderer will not do anything but give the husband and wife revenge.

To conclude the death penalty should not be allowed there is no perks or cons of having it. It gives no justice to anyone, it isn’t a very effective way of scaring anyone and it most likely wont protect you from any murderer.

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