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Death Penalty Essay

For this assignment I chose an article about death penalty. The author, Mario Cuomo feels that the death penalty should be outlawed. Cuomo was the governor of New York for 12 years and prevented the death penalty becoming law. He believes that the death penalty is immoral and unjust. He states that there have been many innocent people put to death and that being on death row is not as much of a deterrent as having life in prison. The article talks about how capital punishment affects races differently.

Cuomo says, “Notwithstanding the execution of mass killers like Timothy McVeigh, capital punishment appears to threaten white drug dealers, white racists and white killers less frequently than those of other races. Of the last people in New York State to be executed (ending in 1963) 13 were black and one was Hispanic” (Cuomo, 2011). He thinks that life in prison is more of a deterrent than capital punishment. Inmates would rather die quickly by the electric chair or lethal injection then living the rest of their lives behind bars just to die there.

I chose this article because I believe there should be capital punishment. First let me just say that there is information in the article that I can agree with but when it comes down to it we need the death penalty. I definitely think that our congress needs relook at the law. There should be a clear cut for the ones that will receive the death penalty. I think it is a deterrent to criminals. Our criminals need harsh punishment. If the criminal is going to kill a person than they need to be killed.

I really think his touch on race is very biased and not sure how accurate that is. No matter what color or ethical background, laws are laws. Everyone needs to follow the laws that are in place or pay the consequence no matter how harsh. Cuomo is a creditable author with much experience with the death penalty because of being the governor of New York. He kept the death penalty a way from New York until someone else took his position. This is definitely a controversial topic that will continue throughout time.

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