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Death Penalty Essay

In all cultures, many situations happen where a criminal must be penalized, so that they can be trained a class, and they can quit spending criminal offenses. There are many different methods of penalizing criminals such as one is the death penalty charge. The problem of the loss of lifestyle charge has been avidly mentioned throughout record. Some individual assistance the concept of the death penalty, since they say it is only fair for one to forfeit their life if they take the life of another.

Others think death penalty is not reasonable, and worry that many innocents have been punished for something they did not do. The problem of investment penalties offers with the ethical problems of many people with different views within a group. It is a vicious penalty, and many have mentioned that legal techniques should be able to develop other penalties to substitute it. Tendency is present in cases relating to the loss of life charge. Many think all civil areas should eliminate the loss of life charge.

On the other hand, death penalty is being conducted to reduce crime rates and the living cost in the jail is expensive. Criminals tend to kill others according to jealously and loss of dignity. M. Radelet quoted that eighty-eight percent of the nation’s famous criminals do not believe the death penalty acts as addict to homicide. In addition, seventy-five percent of the respondents agree that ‘deaths about the death penalty distract congress and state legislatures from focusing on real solutions to crime problems.

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