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Death penalty Essay

First, in your own words define, then compare and contrast the following concepts:

Genera deterrence- punishment for crime to scare others not to commit the same crime. Specific deterrence- punishment of a crime that prevents the offender from repeating the same offense again. Incapacitation- punishment of keeping offenders in jail so they can’t repeat offense again in society. Retribution-punishment fairly & justly due to the severity of the crime.

Then, apply these concepts to the ways in which VIOLENT offenders are sentenced in today’s courts. Sentences are based on the severity of the offenses being committed. Punishment can be based on certain factors of the crime. Violent offenders can be sentenced to death or incarceration of life. Using general deterrence it supposed to stop others from committing similar crimes. Specific deterrence is a way to avoid offenders from repeating their crimes. Keeping criminals incarcerated & away from society, is the practice of keeping criminal of the street. Retribution punishes the criminal based on their action from the crime committed.

Present your views on the death penalty as it exists today in the United States. You must present at least one case from law concerning the use of [for or against] the death penalty. Finally, examine your state’s rules concerning the use of the death penalty.

I have nothing against the death penalty, but I’m not God either. If a person can go on a killing spree for instance like a serial killer, I feel that they should be held accountable. The old saying an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, kind of makes me think of the death penalty. A life for a life, but does that give back the life of the one taken. I have various few on the death penalty. Certain situations require it & others I feel are unnecessary. Does that make me bias? I’ve heard some people say they’re against it, for reasons as the offenders suffers more by living day to day knowing they have taken someone’s life. Not all offenders have a conscious so when that comes into play, how the offender does suffers for their crime
committed? Kennedy v. Louisiana US Supreme Court, 554 U.S.June 25, 2008

Petitioner Patrick Kennedy was convicted and sentenced to death in Louisiana for the aggravated rape of his then 8 year-old stepdaughter. A Louisiana state statute authorized capital punishment for the rape of a child under 12. The State Supreme Court affirmed the statute, rejecting petitioner’s reliance on Coker v. Georgia, which prevented the use of capital punishment for the rape of an adult woman. The Supreme Court concluded that the Eighth Amendment bars Louisiana from imposing the death penalty for the rape of a child where the crime did not result, and was not intended to result, in the victim’s death.

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