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Dead Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Friedrich Nietzsche’s “God is Dead”

It is a bright sunny morning with the students rushing to go to their classrooms. Inside the Philosophy classroom of Mrs. Beckham, college students are starting to stack their books out of their bags and on to their table. Mrs. Beckham arrives and without saying anything, writes on the board in big bold letters “God is Dead. ” Everybody fell silent and remembered the research task assigned to them two weeks ago. Mrs. Beckham: (sits down on her chair) God is Dead. Of course, Catholics and believers consider God to be dead as He no longer exists on Earth. Several stories have their own representations of how God died a long time ago through crucifixion. All of us have seen…

“Eveline” and “The Dead”

Similarities between James Joyce’s short stories, “Eveline” and “The Dead” James Joyce’s short stories “Eveline” and “The Dead” basically share a lot of similarities in multiple aspects. Although they are thematically different, the main characters in both stories share nearly similar experiences that basically changed their views, beliefs, and decisions in life. The first notable similarity is between Gabriel Conroy, the main character of “The Dead” and Eveline, the principal character in “Eveline. ” In “The Dead,” Gabriel Conroy views himself as a person who is in control of his life and, most especially his wife, Gretta. However, when Gretta suddenly cries because she remembered her past lover through a song being played in piano, Gabriel realizes that he has…

To suck the Marrow out of Life: Transcendentalism in Dea Poet’s Society

The 1989 film Dead Poets Society revisits transcendentalism. In it, several boys attending a staunch private academy are deeply affected by their new English teacher Mr. Keating, or “O Capitan, My Capitan” as he dares them to call him. He wants them to, “carpe diem” or seize the day. Some of the boys begin meeting in a cave just off school grounds to, not only read poetry, but to “suck the marrow out of life.” Each secret meeting of the Dead Poet’s Society is invoked with a reading of a famous passage from Thoreau’s Walden, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not…