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Data warehouse Essay Topics & Paper Examples

IFSM Excel budget

Boy, my mother was right when she said time went by faster when you got older. It is hard to believe that it has been a year since my first article in The Air Force Comptroller magazine. It has been a busy year, with a lot of very important events that will change the way we do business in the future. Mr. Montelongo’s transformation vision counts new technologies as one of the three key enablers that will enable FMers to become strategic partners in the future. Let me start out my second year by updating you on the top four IT strategic objectives. 1. New Accounting System: The Program Management Office at Scott AFB is doing great work on the…

Management Case study

Case Study 1. How do information technologies contribute to the business success of the companies depicted in the case? Provide an example from each company explaining how the technology implemented let to improved performance. Information technologies are imperative to businesses and organizations that want to be successful. In this case, there were three companies that demonstrated how information technologies helped their business. The first company was eCourier. eCourier delivers packages around London and wanted to “keep real-time tabs on customer satisfaction”(Textbook, pg 5). eCourier used SeeWhy software to help give them customer data faster. This software allowed eCourier to see when client’s accounts were going dormant or if there were changes in the bookings. With this new data, eCourier saved…