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Data observation Essay

Complete a data table that includes a prediction of reaction type (single replacement, double replacement, synthesis, decomposition, or combustion), observations, and identification of reaction type for each reaction in the lab. (10 points)

Prediction of Reaction Type
Reaction Type
Iron (III) and copper (II) sulfate solution
single replacement
Solids stay concentrated at the bottom
Single replacement
Lead (II) nitrate and potassium iodide solutions
Double replacement
Yellow colored powder collected at the bottom
Double replacement
Magnesium metal and hydrochloric acid solution
Single replacement
The solution began to fizz. Proves to be flammable.
single replacement
Electrolysis of water
The water bubbles In the tubes filled with H2 and O2
Burning magnesium
As the magnesium comes in contact with the CO2 it creates a bright burning light synthesis

Write a balanced equation for each reaction observed in this lab. (10 points)
2Fe + 3CuSO4 = 3Cu + Fe2(SO4)3
Pb(NO3)2 + 2KI = PbI2 + 2K(NO3)
Mg + 2HCl = MgCl2 + H2
2H2O = 2H2 + O2
2Mg + O2 = 2MgO
If you were to measure the mass of magnesium and hydrochloric acid before combining them in the test tube, how would that mass compare to the mass of reactants left in the test tube after the reaction? Explain your answer and how it corresponds to the law of conservation of mass. (5 points) -The mass would be the same as it started. This is because the law of conservation of mass states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed only changed.

One of the reactions you conducted can actually be categorized as TWO different types of reactions. Which reaction is this, and what are the two types of reactions? (5 points) It would be the Magnesium metal and hydrochloric acid solution because it bubbled but it still stayed in its form and didn’t change. It is single replacement or combustion.

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