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Data center Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Mis650. Data Centers

1. PUE (Power usage effectiveness), the ratio of total facility energy to IT equipment energy within a data computer, which measures how much of the power is actually used by the computing equipment. It is an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption because it is one of the most effective metrics for measuring data center energy efficiency. PUE is calculated by taking the total power of consumed by a data center facility then dividing by the power consumed by the IT equipment. In practical terms, a PUE value of 1 means that all power going into the data center is being used to power IT equipment. Anything above a value of 1 means…

Knowledge Management

The purpose of this essay is to answer the questions from the “Tata Consultancy Services (India)” case study on pages 253-255 of Jashapara (2011) The discussion includes advice regarding a strategic alliance with Cisco. Two of the key elements of this case study which are discussed are describing the current weaknesses in Tata Consultancy Services with an approach to knowledge management and the improvements that are made to eliminate these weaknesses. In the discussion, strategic alliance is explained by definition and examples are provided as well to justify. The advice to knowledge management issues has been discussed. The planning and concepts are communicated and a detailed answer is written to discuss facts with the use of external sources and these…