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Darwin Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Darwin as the New Mythology

It has been a major struggle for the scientific community to understand the persistence of religious belief. After centuries of writing by rationalist thinkers, it remains a mystery why so many continue to believe in the old gods. The survival of religion has been though revolution, political and economic change and every conceivable alteration of consciousness throughout the ages. “Common sense” would then say that religion, in some very real sense, is true, is righteous and factual if it has survived so many changes. Buckert, however, holds that the only way to explain this persistence, short of admitting there is much truth behind it, is that it assists humanity in adapting to changing environments: in short, making religion part of…

According to Darwin

1) Fossil fuels were formed a very long time ago from plants and animals that were buried and with time changes into oil, coal and natural gas. They are essentially not part of the carbon cycle. However when man burns fossil fuels, they upset the balance of CO2 concentration in the cycle as they released a lot of amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. With the abundance of CO2 in the atmosphere, all are not used for the photosynthesis and respiration sustained by the cycle. The excess CO2 contributes to the greenhouse effect, a condition where more heat is trap in the earth because of too many CO2 in the atmosphere. As a result, global warming occurs (Gautier, 2008, pp….