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daphnia Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The effect of coffee on the heart rate of daphnia

Investigating the effect of coffee on the heart rate of daphnia Aim: To find out the effect of different caffeine concentrations on heart rate in daphnia Independent variable: •Caffeine concentration Dependent variable: •Daphnia heart rate Controlled variables: •Size of daphnia •Habitat from which the daphnia is obtained •Temperature of the surrounding How the variables can be controlled: •Equally sized daphnia should be used in the experiment •All daphnia should be collected at a same place, in uncontaminated waters •Experiment should be carried out in a lab at room temperature Apparatus/materials: •Pipette •Petri dish •Filter paper •Silicon grease •Needle •0.1%, 0.2%,0.3%,0.4%,0.5% of caffeine solutions •Daphnia culture Methodology: •Select a large specimen and, with a pipette, transfer it to the centre of…