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Daoism Essay Topics & Paper Examples


Daoism, also called Taoism refers one of the two greatest autochthonic philosophies of China. The word Daoism refers to Daojia , or the philosophical text of Laozi , Zhuanzi and the word Daojiao . Daoism thus is also called Lao-Zhuang philosophy. The word Daojia was coined by Sima Tan, a historian, in his records The Shiji written in the 2nd century. He was not able to complete his work but his son, Sima Qian , completed much of the records. According to Shiji, the Daoist is one of the Six Schools, which included Yin-Yang, Mohist, School of Names, Confucian, Legasist and Daoist. It is believed that the school of Daoism was founded by Laozi. The teachings of Daoism are written…