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Danube Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Travel with viola

•May 20, 1887 – Rizal and Viola arrived in the beautiful city of Vienna, capital of Austria-Hungary •Vienna was truly the “Queen of Danube” because of its beautiful buildings, religious images, haunting waltzes and majestic charm •Norfentals- one of the greatest Austrian novelists was favorably impressed by Rizal, and years later he spoke highly of Rizal, “whose genius he so much admired.” •Hotel Metropole – where Rizal and Viola stayed •In Vienna, Rizal received his lost diamond stickpin. DANUBIAN VOYAGE TO LINTZ: •May 24, 1887 – Rizal and Viola left Vienna on a river boat to see the beautiful sights of the Danube River •Rizal particularly noticed that the passengers on the river boat were using paper napkins during the…