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Dams Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bhakra and Nangal

The project consists of the construction of (a) two dams at Bhakra and Nangal, (b) the Bhakra canal system commanding a gross area of about 27.4 lakh hectares, (c) the Nangal hydel channel, (d) four power houses at Ganguwal, Kotla, left bank and right bank power houses with total installed capacity of 1,204 mw, and (e) con¬≠struction of 3,680 km long transmission lines to distribute electricity to neighbouring areas. The Bhakra-Nangal project is the largest multi-purpose project of the country. Bhakra Dam-This dam, completed in 1963, has been built across the Satluj river near the Bhakra gorge (about 80 km north of Ambala). It is regarded as the highest straightway gravity dam in the world. The dam is 518 m…