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Damages Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Types or Remedies

Compensatory – A money award equivalent to the actual value of injuries or damages sustained by the aggrieved party. When a contract has been breached, the court orders the party that breached to pay the amount of direct losses done to innocent party. Consequential – Special damges that compensate for a loss that is not direct or immediate (for example, lost profits0. The special damages must have been reasonably foreseeable at the time the breach or injury occurred in order for the plaintiff to collect them. The party that breached the contract must reimburse the innocent party for the indirect losses even if they were foreseeable damages. Punitive – Money damages that may be awarded to aplaintiff to punish the…

Pearson and Mcdonal Lawsuit Analysis

Executive Summary There are two major lawsuits which the main populace has defined as frivolous. One of those cases is the McDonald’s split coffee case. This is the case where the plaintiff spilled her coffee and was rumored to sue McDonald’s for 2.7 million dollars and win. The other’s case is the Pearson dry cleaning case where a man sued Chung Dry Cleaner’s 54 million dollars for losing his pants. The plaintiff won in the McDonald’s Case and the Plaintiff lost in the Dry clearance’s case. In this paper we are going to dissect each case by the facts, the law, the issues, the ethical issues, the defendants preventative measures, and then the analysis of it all. Introduction Frivolous lawsuits…