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Damage Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Preventing Environmental Damage

The world is recently being beleaguered by environmental issues and problems left and right. Our planet is deteriorating rapidly, and such is due in large part to the activities of man (Cline, 1992). For example, many movements and organizations notice the earth’s problem with respect to pollution, global warming and destruction of ecosystems (Cline, 1992). These are environmental problems that are caused by acts of man. Therefore, the solution and more importantly, the prevention, of these problems also lie in the hands of man. More particularly, the areas where man could take steps towards correcting the damage to the environment call upon leaders to develop programs and policies designed to remedy the problem. Moreover, leaders need to use techniques to…

Range of sports injuries and their symptoms

Physiological responses: damaged tissue, eg primary damage response, healing response, the clotting mechanism; the importance of scar tissue control in the re-modelling process; specific to injury, eg sprain/ strain (signs and symptoms of first, second and third degree), haematomas (inter/intra) Psychological responses: response to injury, eg anger, anxiety, depression, frustration, isolated from team mates; response to treatment and rehabilitation, eg anxiety, frustration, need for motivation, use of goal setting Marking Scheme Criteria P3 and P4 aim to address the issue of occurrence of sports injuries and the resulting symptoms, both physiologically and psychologically, as identified within the related content of the unit. If an explanation of both issues is detailed and contextualised sufficiently to the concept of sports injury then…