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Dam Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Three Gorges Dam

Do you consider the Three Gorges Dam to have been a good thing or a bad thing – is it a success or a failure? In my opinion i believe the Three Gorges Dam is a success, simply because of the millions of lives it will save, by ? ood control. Having said that, the Three Gorges Dam does have many negative aspects. The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam that spans the Yangtze river in Sandouping, Hubei province, China. It is the largest hydroelectric power station in the world. Construction began in December 1994 and the dam was fully operational by the late 2011, its a costly situation as it cost $26 billion. The dam was built for…

Kurobe Dam

At 186 meters (610 ft.) high, it is the tallest dam in Japan. It was constructed between 1956 and 1963 at a cost of ¥51.3 billion yen. The project was a difficult engineering feat for the rapidly growing post–World War II Japan, and claimed the lives of 171 people. There are also 30,000 suicides a year at this dam. The Kurobe Dam is the most popular hydropower site in Japan and, between late June and mid-October; water is released from its spillway for onlookers. The surrounding Kurobe Gorge is also popular as well and is accessible by the Kurobe Gorge Railway. This large amount of tourists causes an increase amount of trash and debris being dropped or tossed into the…


BOUYANT FOUNDATION PROBLEM Global climate change is predicted to spark catastrophic flooding, posing a serious threat to coastal regions worldwide. Faced with an uncertain future, human beings must re-evaluate their relationship to nature, and particularly water. In areas largely inhabited by people, there are both positive and negative environmental effects of flooding. Floods can distribute large amounts of water and suspended river sediment over vast areas. In many areas, this sediment helps replenish valuable topsoil components to agricultural lands and can keep the elevation of a land mass above sea level. An example of the latter case is the Mississippi delta. Before the Mississippi and associated rivers were controlled in levees in southern Louisiana, the rivers would frequently spill their…