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DAF Trucks Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Volvo Trucks; Penetrating the U.S. Market

Volvo Trucks; Penetrating the U.S. Market Competition in the world heavy truck industry increased significantly during the 1990s. Volvo was one the top three heavy truck competitions in the world in 2000. In 1975, Volvo had been attempting to penetrate the U.S.S heavy truck market. Volvo acquired the bankrupt U.S. truck manufacturer White Motor Corporation in May 1981, and the heavy truck division of General Motors in 1988. In spite of these efforts, Volvo had never achieved more than a 12% market share. In 2000, Volvo management was considering what need to be done to make the North American business viable. Truck could be divided in three groups: light, medium and heavy trucks. Manufacturing; Truck manufacturing bore a resemblance to…