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Dadaism Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Marcel Duchamp and Dadaism

The art of Dadaism had its roots as an anti-art movement. The period of time in Art History Dadaism represents was approximately period of time from 1916 to 1924. Dadaism rejected the way art was appreciated and the way art was generally being defined in contemporary art scenes at that time (Tomkins, 1985). Dadism art movement was a response to World War I and was founded in Zurich, Switzerland. There weren’t any unifying aesthetic characteristics in Dada art; however, the Dadaists did share an extremely skeptical attitude towards what were at the time, the expectations of artists and writers. The word “Dadaism” was chosen for its naive sound (Gale, 1997). After originating in Zurich, the Dadaism art movement continued to…