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D1 Pest Analaysis of Tesco Essay


There have been many changes over last 40 years .Customer possess mobile and car, Tesco has responded to this change by developing extra stores with larger parks. Customers want one stop shopping. Tesco has responded to this by making sure that their stock has nearly got everything a customer might need. Over last 40 years travellers have been abroad to try and taste different foods. Tesco has responded to this change by increasing the range of foreign food such as Mexican, Chinese and Indian etc. Because of the large ethnic populations that have moved to the UK, this encouraged Tesco to increase the range of foreign. When microwaves were launched and people have started buying them. Tesco has responded to this change by introducing frozen foods.


Customers are wishing to eat to healthier, Tesco has responded to this by making sure the products are healthy and by putting labels on the product. Customers want to shop more conveniently, Tesco has responded to by offering convenient time including 24 hour shopping and six hours on Sunday. Many customers do not want food that has been grown using chemicals, they want to natural food. Tesco has responded to this change by introducing organic food ranges. Tesco is restricted by law from growing too overcome this
they have begun to offer more services. Recession has been biggest political factor as a lot of countries suffer unemployment; Tesco has responded to this change by offering more employment as this will reduce the amount of people who are unemployed.


Customers want to shop in a pleasant and clean environment, Tesco has responded to this change by making their shops light and attractive. The government wants everyone to be environmentally aware, Tesco has responded by increasing the amount of recyclable packing that they use for their products. Tesco is also reducing the number of free plastic bags they give away. They have built small local stores called Tesco express to respond to customers’ needs to shop more conveniently. Tesco has responded to local needs by helping community projects. They have also responded to the large amount of people who are unemployed offering them employment this allows people to work around family commitment. Tesco’s prices may reflect inflation rates, an increase in inflation will


Customers have been using the internet as a source of information, Tesco has capitalised this by offering online shopping at mean and increase in prices and a decrease in inflation will mean prices reduce. Tesco is also providing through the use of online delivery services. Customers are paying with debit cards than with cash, Tesco has responded to this change by introducing self-service check outs. This change is much quicker and easier for the customers.

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