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Czech Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Czech Literature

1. Characterize the main defining points of Czech pre 19th century history. Czech literature encompasses the provinces of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia. The Czech literature is divided into many periods, the Middle Ages, the Hussite Period, the Baroque period and the enlightenment that ushered in the 19th century Czech literature. Czech literature is unusually tri-lingual, utilizing Czech, Latin then German. Most of the writers before wrote in other languages (i. e. German) that’s why some of these writers and their works were classified as Austrian Literature. Early evidences of Czech poetic work around 12th centuries are the two songs, Hospodine, pomiluj ny (Lord Have Mercy Upon Us) and Svaty Vaclave (Saint Wenceslas). In the 13th century, various political, social and…

Czech Beer

Czech Republic, in 2004, was announced as the highest beer consuming country per capita in the world, consuming approximately 248 standard 633-milliliter bottles, for a total of 1,878 kiloliters and 156. 9 liters per capita volume, according to a report by the Kirin Research Institute of Drinking and Lifestyle (2005). Not only this, the country has established the first beer museum in the world, the first beer brewing textbook, and its president the first to have written a play based on his experiences working in a Czech beer brewery in 1974 AD (Cesky Rozhlas, n. d. ). Although it was also reported that the country has decreased the bottles by 3. 2 yearly, “environment and conditions for beer drinking are…

Country Profile: Czech Republic

It is very important for any student of history and politics of nations to have a deep grasp and understanding of the political, historical, social, economic and structural revolution of nations. This is very important for them to be able to produce an accurate analysis and recommendation of policies. No one will be able come up to an accurate analysis without tracing the history of a particular nation. No two nations are entirely similar. This is why it is necessary for us to study each nation separately to be able to come up with a scholarly and viable set of analysis and recommendation. In this paper, I am are going to review and analyze the Czech Republic. I am going…