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“Cyberschool” by Clifford Stoll Essay

Cyberschool is a story well written by Clifford Stoll, who shows us what Cberschool is. Cyberschool is an idea, a reform, and a solution that has been explained in the story. The idea of Cyberchool is ironic and unceremonious, or at least explained that way. The use of technology is in play, trying to expand education by using technology. As a reform, they discussed getting rid of teachers, and that would cut back lot of other opportunities. Seeing a teacher is one thing that your not able to do, and sometimes is very important to get a face to face experience.

It also eliminates luxuries such as, art lessons, and field trips. All these things that are being eliminated recoup the price of what’s spent on the computers. Money as well would have to be spent on CD-ROMs for educational games. Cyberschool is said to showcase technology and train students for the upcoming electronic workplace.

Author Clifford Stoll expresses Cyberschool theme to us as tremendously satirical and informal. Bringing back reform, the paper is shown that it’s supposed to help, but rather far from that. Clifford Stoll has well expressed his thoughts, and theme with a clear understanding, but still slacked on some certain occasions. The idea is just crazy, but some may find it genius.

After reading Cyberschool, it kept reminding me of online classes. I have personally taken them, and find them not as bad as some may think. It is an advantage to have a face-to-face discussion with a teacher though. If at anytime have questions, they wouldn’t be able to get the same answer as a teacher would give. Cyberschool to me was a well-written plan, and had ups and downs. It could save money and cost money, for example, getting rid of teachers, and buying computers and CD-ROMs.

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