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Cybercrime Essay Topics & Paper Examples

About Hacking

Cyber crime is not a new thing that we hear today. It occurs all over the world including our country, Malaysia. Every day, these cyber criminals are increasingly showing their true colors. Many people have become their prey. One of the cyber crimes that are really popular is hacking. The causes of hacking are the hacker himself. They can do anything including hacking others computers and personal details. This happened when they feel depressed, jealous, and unsatisfied with a person. Hence, they will take revenge and sabotage the person. However, not all the hackers have the intention to take revenge. Many of them just do it for their own sake. They wanted to get rich quickly so they don’t care…

Cybercrime Continue to Rise

Cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide with more than a million people becoming victims every single day, according to the Norton Cybercrime Report 2011. The victims of cybercrime also paid dearly with a total loss of US$388bil (RM1. 21bil) to cybercriminals in 2010. Effendy Ibrahim, director of consumer business at Symantec Asia Pacific, said that cybercrimes don’t only cost victims financially but emotionally too. On average, it takes 10 days for a victim to recover from a cybercrime and it can be emotional too considering the amount of data they lose,” he said at the launch of Norton 2012, Symantec’s latest cybersecurity solution. However, victims could have saved themselves money and regret as the type of cybercrimes they…

Cybercrime in Today’s World

I have been asked to write a paper concerning cybercrime in the world today. I will go over what cybercrime is, how much it is affecting the United States, possible ways of enforcement and why or why not enforcement would be effective. What is a cybercrime, in your own words? Cybercrime is using computers or technology in order to steal information or to create fake identities over the World Wide Web. It is a growing problem in the world today, especially in countries like China, Japan and the United States where populations are high. Phone scams are another type of cybercrime as people will try to glean vital information from another by pretending to be a grandchild or a salesman….

Technological advancements

Technological advancements in computer science have made it possible for a wider range of criminal activities particularly with the new and innovative means of online communications. Cybercrime is described by the Council of Europe’s Cybercrime Treaty as criminal conduct against data to infringement of copyright laws. Other experts have provided wider definitions of cybercrime to include cyber-stalking, fraud and child pornography. Symantec provides a more concise definition and describes cybercrime in the following terms: “…any crime that is committed using a computer or network, or hardware device. ” Along with the introduction and evolution of cybercrimes jurisdictional and investigative challenges have complicated the detection and control of this new class of criminal activity. The discussion that follows focuses on the…