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Cyber events that could really cause terror in the Australian population Essay

Cyber events have been identified as a major threat to the sustainable security of the Australian population. One of the most important cyber events that can cause terror to the population is the invasion and disablement of the nation’s national security databases. This is because it compromises its military defense ability against any form of attack. Cyber assaults can potentially compromise sensitive military and defense databases. This would lead to loss of information confidentiality and/or grounding of fleet communication infrastructures; opening the nation to terrorist attacks.

Another harmful cyber event for Australian population is the potential interruption of commerce and banking in the nation. The sustainable social and economic development of any population depends on the sustainability of its economic resources. On the other hand, most investments rely on financial institutions not only for investment capital but also for saving their surplus income. This has the implication that if a cyber assault is successfully executed against the banking and commerce sectors of Australia, the social and economic life of its population will be put at stake.

Such will also negate the governments ability to protect it citizens against security threats. Still crashing of the nation’s internet network could be a big blow to the Australian population. The internet is increasingly occupying almost all aspects of human lives. It has become a reliable source of communication, socialization, and execution of financial transactions. On the contrary, hacking or installing of malware on these networks can sufficiently ground their reliability. This will be quite detrimental to the population given its current overreliance embracing the advantages of this technological advancement.

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