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Cyber education Essay

Examinations are a means of measuring the students’ learning in school and their capacity for further education. In this regard, the manner of teaching and the students’ learning methods are important. A student, while in primary and secondary schools, greatly relies on the teachers for knowledge, except for a few who do personal researches to further their understanding. More often than not, a student accepts what the teachers offer in school. With this set up, a student has to be abreast and attentive with classroom discussion.

He should take down notes and submit in a timely manner the projects and assignments given in school. Participation in classroom discussion and school activities must be encouraged. Interest in school must be inculcated in the mind of every student to support the knowledge and understanding obtained from the classroom. This is to enable the student to have a more enjoyable stay in school. The more enjoyable the learning process is, the more retention of knowledge there. Cyber education is not at all detestable.

Students’ learning is more enhanced if the mode of teaching is something which interests him. Cyber education is one that interests me and I think, is equally true with others. Where there is not much interaction with the teachers, the concept that it is more enjoyable makes the information stick into our minds. However, the concern of many that this might lead to no interaction at all with teachers, thus prevents the control of teachers on the students disregarding their personal differences and characteristics, should not be disregarded.

Their concern is equally important. Thus, it is humbly proposed that learning be not limited to the traditional type of teaching, but must be combined with cyber school on some selected subjects suitable to it. A student must be exposed to both the traditional type of teaching and cyber school. It is of utmost importance that he is able to retain the information and apply what have been learned in school.

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