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Customer Service Careers Essay

What does Customer Service mean to you? Is it simply taking care of your daily customers’ needs? What about the concept that your employees are also your customers? Does that change your outlook on the idea of customer service?

This essay will explain the internal customer concepts of human relations. Human relations, in definition, are “the skill or ability to work effectively through and with other people”. (Lamberton, p.4) As a manager, you need to understand the needs and wants of your employees. You should have an effective training program that is set up with clear guidelines and expectations.

Providing feedback during the training and throughout employment is crucial. This allows for open communication between management and employees. Future goals can be discussed and additional training available to aid them on those journeys. Areas of improvement can also be discussed without singling out the negative.

In human relations it is very important to know the values instilled by the company. It is also important to help the employees “understand and accept the values of others without compromising their personal integrity”. (Lamberton, p.114) Communication and compromise are vital in any organization. It is not necessary to disregard your values for someone else’s, merely understanding where they are coming from and finding common ground to build on.

You’re job in human relations is help bridge those gaps and assist in dealing with those conflicts. “Something powerful happens when people see themselves as part of healthy, functional community and have a positive experience of that.” (Everett, p.78) Positive attitudes, job satisfaction, high morale, and positive reinforcements are just a few examples of ways to succeed. Involving employees in decisions and setting realistic goals will help to improve motivation as well.

Employees need to feel that they matter as individuals, not just a part of the company. Managers are crucial in developing mutual respect, self-esteem, and solving conflicts. The better your communication skills are the more likely you are to be successful. Also, being able to maintain a positive attitude increases the morale of your internal customers, or employees.


Everett, Melissa (2007) Making a Living While Making a Difference: Conscious Careers for an Era of Interdependence Lamberton, Lowell, Minor, Leslie (2010) Human Relations: Strategies for success

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