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Customer Service Essay

As a highly motivated and energetic person, I was excited to learn of your company’s opening for an Assistant Manager. In reviewing my resume, you will find that I possess all the attributes your are seeking, gained in over six years of hands-on progressive experience. A perfect match for your needs. You seek someone with motivational and leadership skills. I propelled my career to become the top Senior Sales Consultant for a fortune 500 company that serves 90 stores in 25 states.

While increasing the bottom line of the company using innovative techniques, I utilized strong interpersonal skills to build a solid team of personnel with a high morale. Exceptional Customer Service has been demonstrated by my ability to manage customer’s needs while applying operations knowledge by implementing aggressive sales plans with a cutting edge technique, of particular value to your industry.

A team player with the ability to work effectively with others, I developed training techniques that provided win-win results – Through a product-awareness program employees received intensive training, while customer’s benefited from well-informed and confident customer service personnel. For your convenience, I have kept this letter short. I can make an immediate and valuable contribution to In-Game Support Entertainment and look forward to meeting you where we can discuss in more detail your needs and my qualifications.

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