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Custody Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Child Custody and Support Laws Should Be Changed

Present child custody and support laws do not make any sense. They often penalize hard working parents and alienate parents from children they love. These laws must be re-examined and revised so that the best interest of children be served at all times. John Smith lives with his new wife and her four children, ages 4 to 14. He is the only father that these youngsters have known, and he provides for them in all the ways that a father must. John Smith must pay $1,000 to his ex-wife, a woman he divorced 12 years ago, but with whom he had two children, ages 14 and 15. He barely sees his children, and when he does, the situation is strained…

Bias Towards Fathers in Children Custody Decisions

Deciding over children custody has always been a divisive, if not an emotionally laden issue. In most cases however, it is not surprising to see that most court decisions tend to award custody disputes in favor of mothers. At first glance, it may seem that court judges see mothers as naturally better parents. And there are not without good reasons to think why this is so. Mothers, by right of mere logic, are the ones who bring children into the world, and are therefore responsible for carrying and birthing them; so it immediately seems that they will naturally do more for children throughout their lives in order to help and care for them, inasmuch as they have already done much…