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Curry Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Imaginative landscape

Melbourne is the united nations of Australia, the ethnic mosaic that acts as a terminal between multiple worlds. Sprouting from the heart of the city, Russel Street boasts Greek taverns adjacent to Italian pizzerias sandwiched between sushi bars. Turning left from Russel Street we reach a new gate at the terminal, little burke street- as if a slice of China had been uprooted and planted right in the middle of Melbourne city. We have cultural music festivals where the drums of Africa and the didgeridoos of the indigenous filter into the streets, a musical harmony that proudly demonstrates our ethnic diversity Visiting Federation Square during the Indian food and wine gala, the orange, green and white flag was raised high…

Food Culture of Bangladesh

Food culture of Bangladesh Bangladesh is rich with various types of foods which enrich our culture and make it familiar among the people of other nations in the world. There are different types of foods in Bangladesh which are totally dissimilar from one another from the side of taste and value. Generally, rice, dal, fish, vegetable and meat are our main dishes and the people of Bangladesh take three meals in a day. In the morning, we take breakfast where the urban people take ruti, porota, biscuit, vegetable, chicken, tea etc. and the rural people take muri, khoi, pitha or stale rice with chilly. In lunch, the people of different range take different foods according to their own choice and…