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Curriculum Evaluation Methods Essay

With the growing popularity and importance of religious education, the word of God is becoming the basis for and the source of different religious curricula. I completely agree with Eric in that Sunday schools should reach human hearts and teach the word of God. Actually, religious education is very specific area of instructional development and design; there are no external standards to follow, but such curriculum should be clear enough to teach people being soldiers of God. Bible is the only criterion for judging the relevance of religious educational programs.

I believe that to evaluate these programs, one should have a clear understanding of what Bible is. The word of God will serve the basic criterion for evaluating the effectiveness of Sunday school curriculum. Jody’s paper Designing a medical curriculum is an extremely responsible matter. Jody is absolutely correct, stating that for the evaluation of the MAT program, the three essential areas should be examined: curriculum content, curriculum organization, and assessment methodology. Design and content of medical curriculum should be closely aligned to external standards.

It should be continuous and complete, to ensure that the learners understand and grasp the learning material. Jody has evaluated all major aspects of the MAT curriculum, and the learners can be confident in the effectiveness and the relevance of the curriculum content. Doris’s paper Doris presents us with a well-designed evaluation of the United Way’s curriculum. I believe that Doris’s task was very complicated due to the complexity of the United Way’s learning objectives and extreme diversity of target populations.

However, I can’t but agree that diversity is one of the critical elements that determine the success of learning, and educational programs should take into account different needs and learning objectives for diverse population groups. In the need to follow diversity standards, United Way’s curriculum is a bright example of an exceptional organization and content. Doris has proved the simple fact that curriculum can be effectively designed, regardless the number and the diversity of the learning objectives and populations.

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