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Current State of Technology Essay

Apparently, the business establishment is currently using the traditional manual system of sales service processing. That of which includes an everyday set of recording and as an old practice it is unreliable because if someone forgets to write orders/sold products it can affect the outcome of the records. Considering that it is a small line of business, technically speaking there is a less need of those requirements. The problem arises when recently, one of the staff of the water station misplaced the records of the sales. Over time, they notice that the current manual system they’re using is not that reliable. In order to help the establishment to have a reliable and hassle free way of recording the sales, we recommended to the establishment to use POS system (Point of sales) to have easier recording of services.

In this system, the establishment can record the sales every day, print daily reports and have a secure and easy to access data. After the installment of the system, we would continuously monitor the system and the establishment in order to maintain the quality of the system. The usual practice was to record the sales everyday on a sheet of paper based on the orders/item being bought in the store. In a regular day, staff record every item that are being bought in the store then it will be submitted to the owner. So, based on the above information, it would take a certain amount of time and effort for the system to be developed and become useful resolution for the company’s current problem.

The Owners demanded a reliable and hassle free way of recording their sales everyday;

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