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Culture and social effects of globalization Essay

Some say globalization is creating an intelligent community while others say they are losing their identity. What culture and social effects has the Czech nation experienced as a result of globalization?

Globalization isn’t a factor of new age. Big boom of that started at the end of WWII. This let say economic interconnection among states or countries has main effect like prevention from new world war. Globalization has huge impact or influence on all countries around whole world. I know numerous of them however I’m describe or highlight in my essay some of them which, in my point of view, they are evident in the Czech Republic. First of all, I would like to stress new diet. Globalization has brought to Czech citizen new style and kind of restaurants and fast foods.

Furthermore globalization has changed people’s way of life. Nowadays men and women are hardworking and they have no time to cook and take care of their health. Secondly, I think that other thing which was brought by globalization is new culture. This impact is more visible mainly on television. More than ninety percent of all movies and serials are American. I can’t say that all of them are wrong and different in our area nevertheless we can find some really brainless. Due to my knowledge I state that this approach is visible mainly in private TV channels. On the other hand I can highlight also pleasant or engaging issue. Mainly new tradition or new celebrations like St.Valentine, Halloween or St.Patrick’s day.

These holidays have become naturalized in the Czech Republic since communist’s regime was overthrown. While a few Czechs are fighting against domestication of foreign customs their fight is hopeless. Similar like Don Quijote de la Mancha and his fight with windmills. At the end I would like to say globalization has not influenced only the Czech society. We can recognize it everywhere. In my essay I tried to highlight some of them which are visible for regular citizens. To sum up I can say that globalization has brought nothing wrong to Czech society. All aspects which I stressed in my essay are more pleasant and serious impact on global world is totally different.

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