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Cuisine Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Culture and Cuisine

Food is one of many factors that distinguishes one culture from another. It has been used for ceremonial purposes, sacrificial rituals, and some food even holds symbolic meaning based on religion. Why do people of the Jewish and Islamic faith choose not to eat pork? Why is wine and alcohol often associated with parties and celebrations? The origin of many of today’s cuisine and dining traditions can be traced back thousands of years, and often have a religious significance. Religion has influenced people’s food choices and traditions since ancient times, and much of its impact is still prominent in today’s world. In everyday life, it is easy for anyone to take note of religion’s presence in food and different types…

How to Make a Taco

Tacos have been a long time favorite food of mine and preparing one is an art. Learning how to make a delicious, mouthwatering taco came from my mother. One night each week was taco night when I was growing up. The first and most important step in the taco making process is getting fresh ingredients. You will need soft taco shells, lean ground sirloin, roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce, Mexican Blend shredded cheese, taco sauce (with desired hotness of course), taco seasoning packet, onions (optional), and sour cream. Make sure you select firm roma tomatoes and fresh shredded lettuce. The next step you will need to saute your lean ground sirloin in a skillet until you can hear the sizzle and…