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Cruise line Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Carnival Corporation Case Study

Carnival Corporation as the largest cruise line in the world is being a leader and innovator in the cruise line industry. Many of the onboard activities and services were introduced to strengthen the competencies between competitors. The challenges of the Carnival were being overcome by the management with creative and innovative strategies. As a corporate entity, Carnival did not refuse to withdraw money to settle the ocean pollution charged by public. The expansions of cruise line market via acquisition of a few subsidiaries dominate the cruise line in the world. 1. Strengths (internal factors) First, the largest cruise line in the world, as the leader and innovator in the cruise industry (growth from two converted ocean liners into an organization…

Carnival Cruise Lines

In the case of Kirby vs. Carnival, I hold Carnival Cruise Lines responsible for her injury. There are several reasons why, first the bartender is responsible for her overall consumptions of alcohol, there is a history of guests that have either fallen or jumped over board and finally there is the fact that carnival never took it upon themselves to call for air lift transportation to the nearest hospital. Bartenders at Carnival Cruise Lines rely on big tabs and tips to make their earnings. Since they need to build up their tabs, why not get an innocent guest just looking to have a good time – extremely intoxicated? I feel like the bartender encouraged the drinking by offering five-dollar certificates…

International Business

Although sea voyages have held an aura of mystique for centuries, only in recent decades have the general masses been able to experience open seas and exotic ports of call as a purely recreational activity. Cruises, i.e., sea voyages for pleasure, offer passengers the convenience of an assigned cabin as they sail along a fixed itinerary that concludes at their original point of sea embarkation. Almost everything about the entire cruise industry is international, from the routes traveled to the use of flags of convenience to the locations of shipyards to the staffing of vessels. By far the largest cruise competitor is Carnival Corp., which claims more than 40 percent of the global cruise market and owns more than ten…