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Crucial points Essay

In spite of Mary being an experienced driver, she is experiencing problems in driving only because she now has to drive on the on the right hand side of the road and she has been accustomed to doing the opposite of this. In her case it is her previous practice and knowledge of driving that is making it difficult for her to get used to driving on the left hand side of the road. Which means that that what she has learnt earlier in the past is standing in her way to learn new things in the present. This I strongly believe to be the case of proactive interference.

However if after learning to drive on the right hand side she forgets or has problems with driving on the left side, then that would be a case of retroactive interference . And this case further worsens because the two interfering conditions are quite similar to each other because the difference lies only when it comes to the side of driving as said by Reitman. (Reitman, 1974) Hence it will take some time before she can get accustomed to driving on the right hand side. 2). In order to leave a good impression on the class it will be very vital that I memorize the points in my presentation by heart.

Now since I know that some parts of my presentation are better than others ,by experience I know that these parts will be quite easily remembered by me. But these parts can also cause interference and make me forget some crucial points. So to leave a good impression on the class I would club the better part with an average part. This way I can get rid of the chances of interferences of the better part and since I will present a better part of my presentation alternately and after a specific period of time, this will keep the class interested in my presentation.

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